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Grants- Funded Projects

List of some of the projects the Borough has received funding assistance from federal or state agencies

$ 4,000,000.00  05/2011 PA DEP H2O Grant

  The grant went to Patton Municipal Authority, which received $4 million.  It will fund interconnection of the Patton authority and Hastings Municipal Authority water systems through the Elder Township Municipal water system along with development and connection of new wells.

Flood Protection Grants- PA DEP – 11/30/2010

$ 50,000.00 –to purchase tractor and a boom mower.

$ 37,310.00 –to install low flow channels and fish habitat devices

$   6,467.00 –to remove trees and vegetation from the dam.

$ 4849.00  08/2010- Traffic light LED upgrade grant through the Southern Alleghenies Planning and Development Commission.

$ 40,000.00

06/27/2006 Governor Edward Rendell announced a grant in the amount of  $40,000.00 from the Community Conservation Partnerships Program  administered by Pennsylvania DCNR.  The grant will be used at the Patton Recreation Park to rehabilitate the existing tennis courts and also add a new “rock climbing type structure” to supplement the existing playground equipment.

$ 77,906.00

11/02/2005- The borough in cooperation with the Cambria County Conservation District and the Patton Trout Nursery received a grant in the amount of $77,906.00 from the Growing Greener II program for the second phase of stream bed restoration.  This project will improve fish and wildlife habitat within a diked flood control project.

$ 365,000.00

12/2003 – The borough has received a grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development in the amount of $365000.00 for affordable housing under the Home Investment Program (“HOME”).  This money will be used to match $512312.00 in funds through the Supportive Housing Program of the Department of Housing and Urban Development to rehabilitate 8 new rental units for people with special needs and will be called Schoolhouse Gardens.  This will be located on University Ave.- the old Second Ward School Building.

$ 158,000.00

$ 315,000.00

10/2003 – Congressman Bill Shuster presented the borough with funding in the amount of $158000.00 for completion of the backwash holding facility at the water treatment plant. This amount was in addition to the $315000.00 the boro had originally received from the US Army Corps of Engineers under the Section 313 Program. This program is 75% federal funding with a 25% local match.

$ 350,000.00

05/2003 – Cambria County Redevelopment Authority- $315,000.00 grant to replace the Beech Ave. Water Line from Fourth Avenue to Ross Avenue.  This project will include resurfacing Beech Avenue from Fifth to Ross Avenue.

$ 2,760,000.00

07/2003 – PennVEST low interest loan to complete Phase 1 of the water system improvements.  This money includes interum improvements at the water filtration plant, water meters, and distribution line improvements.

$ 23,000.00

2003 –  Received a matching grant of $ 23,000.00 from DCED for new playground equipment at the Patton Park. Due to weather constraints- the equipment will be installed in early 2004 for the spring park opening.

$ 9,756.30

Received $ 9,756.30 in the for of a matching grant from the PA DEP Flood Control Bureau toward the purchase of a new tractor/mower for the Levee ($ 19,512.60)

$ 457.48  2002 – Received a $ 457.48 grant from MTAP for new computer software (Quickbooks) in the borough office

$ 4,900,000.00

07/2002 – PennVEST grant ($ 1,000,000.00) and low interest loan to rebuild and replace the Wastewater Treatment Plant including the Palmer Avenue pumping station and the Highland Avenue ejector station. These facilities are over 30 years old and are not capable of operating to today’s clean stream standards.

$ 6286.00

Received $ 6286.00 from the DCED as part of Flood Mitigation.  This money was used for underwater divers to examine the dam at the Water Filtration Plant and the gate valve on the dam.

$ 5,000.00

2001 – Received a grant from Representative Gary Haluska for $5,000.00 to help toward the cost to refurbish the walls of the swimming pool at the Patton Park

$ 15,000.00

Received a $ 15,000.00 Historical matching grant through the DCED for the municpal building’s main roof to help preserve the building ( the Fire Watch Tower is one of the few Fire Watch Towers of its kind left in the Commonwealth.

$ 7,000.00

Received an additional $ 7,000.00 from the DCED to refurbish the flat roof on the municipal building and the side door leading to the Fire Tower.

1998 – present: After the flood of January 1996 the borough has been seeking funding for flood mitigation work in addition to the work the borough has done with it’s general funds.  After several years of continued application-the borough was placed on the list to evaluate the flood control project and bring it to the standard of the 100 year flood plain. The DEP is currently in the process of evaluating the flood control system- in 2003 they spent close to $80,000.00 in doing a complete survey of the entire flood project.  This cost all has been at no cost to the borough.  It is expected that a completed report and plan of action will be released some time in 2004.