Patton Borough – Government

Council Meetings:

Council meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7PM

in the Council Chambers Room at the Municipal Building

Borough Officials

Mayor  Jonathan Welchko

Council President  Donald Kirk

Council Vice President  Fred Shilling

Council Member  Emily Kirk

Council Member  Joe Kline

Council Member  David Pompa

Council Member  Jordan Rydbom

Secretary/Treasurer  Donna M. Dunegan

Asst. Secretary  Amanda Farrell

Real Estate Tax Collector  Joyce Caretti

Wage and OPT Tax Collector  Berkheimer
Keller Engineers

Street Commissioner  Fred Price

Water and Sewer System  Kenneth Trinkley

Solicitor  C.J. Webb


Patton Municipal Authority

The Patton Municipal Authority was formed under Act 382 of the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1945. The Authority was among the first in the state to be formed under this Act.

The Authority meets on the Thurday following the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM in the borough council chambers.

Original members were: Senator John J. Haluska, George Lehman, Frank Young, Frank Schwab, and Dr. B.J. Overberger.

Present members are: Chairman- Ed Link, Vice Chairman- Pat Wood, Secretary Amanda Farrell, Secretary/Treasurer- Donna Dunegan, and members at large  Don Kirk, Fred Shilling, and Jay Weakland.

The Authority is used as a legal arm of local government to obtain funds for projects that the Borough itself does not have enough borrowing power to obtain.